If you need to get foreign currency from A to B quickly, you may be wondering just what is involved and how fast things can move.

Here at the Forex Group we pride ourselves on the efficiency and streamlined nature of our procedures. What you won’t find here is lots of form filling, bureaucracy, debate and procrastination!

All we will need from you are the full details of the recipient’s bank account with all associated international codes attached. Once we have that, we can make a direct transfer through the international money systems and depending upon exactly where the funds are going, they could pop up there anywhere between 24 hours and a couple of days or so later.

However, we do need to point out that there are a few issues relating to foreign currency transfers that we cannot directly control. They might include:

• Situations where you have supplied incomplete or incorrect destination account codes. That can delay things significantly.

• In the case of some countries, it just simply takes longer for electronic funds, after their arrival in the money transfer systems of the country concerned, to be on-transferred into the recipient’s account. This is sometimes to do with local regulations and sometimes local customs and practices.

• Public holidays. In some countries these can delay money transfers by several days – particularly where they happen to fall either side of a weekend on a Friday and Monday.

• Some individual countries have not yet entirely liberalized their Financial Services sector and its associated systems.

That can occasionally mean some extra delays in getting money through to destination accounts though with our expertise, we are usually able to reduce that to very small amounts of time. So, the bottom line is that a foreign currency transfer can usually be moved to your target account very quickly.

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