Leaving aside the very difficult business of finding the right supplier or winning commercial business to supply something to your customers to begin with, the typical Australian importer and exporter will be faced with three major challenges in the financial area:


  • Fluctuating Exchange Rates
  • Physical Money Transfer
  • Uncertainty

Fluctuating Exchange Rates

The values of currencies change in terms of their relationship to each other and therefore their respective purchasing powers.
This can be a nightmare for an exporter who is trying to issue quotations in the local currency of their potential customer.  Equally, it can be a major headache for importers who are trying to purchase in a currency other than the Australian dollar.
In times of highly competitive international commerce and tight margins, your business might not be able to accept significant currency fluctuations against you in between the time you for sign a contract and the date that you actually have to pay or receive the money.
Forex Group can offer you a number of tools and strategies that might help you avoid or manage-down such risks.

Physical Money Transfers

There’s little point in in being able to get good exchange rates if the sums involved, once converted, continue to sit in places other than where you need them.
So, whether you’re an importer who needs to pay for items you have purchased or an exporter waiting to receive payment, you’ll want to be supported by fast, safe and efficient money transfer services.
In some currencies and in some markets, historically including the People’s Republic of China, money transfer was something that was frequently easily said but less easy to deliver.  
Our services will make sure that the money reaches wherever you need it to be, when you need it to be there.  That can include Chinese currency transactions.


When doing international business, confidence is often extremely important.
Little can undermine that confidence faster than being uncertain about things such as currency conversions or money transfers.
If your competitors are offering integrated solutions with confidence and aren’t being intimidated by any currency issues arising, they will have a huge advantage over you.
That’s why we offer integrated solutions for businesses and why it might be important to speak to us in advance of starting your business negotiations which involve foreign currency issues.
We’re here to help you eliminate uncertainty!

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