Nobody really likes handing over their or their business’s money to anyone else – whether that’s a bank or forex services provider.

There’s something very basic about our need to know that the recipient is secure and that our funds are safe in their hands.

At Forex Group, we understand that need and respect our clients’ requirement for reassurance.

We also don’t expect you to trust us with your funds just because we say you can – that ultimately proves nothing.

What we do point out though, with considerable pride, is that:


  • We are subject to the same national regulatory scrutiny and rules and the banks in the foreign exchange arena;

  • We were one of the first companies in Australia to receive a licence under the Financial Services Reform Act;

  • On average, we hold between 7-10 times more capital reserves than the regulations require us to;

  • To top it all, we are fully covered by Lloyds of London through private indemnity insurance.

They are all solid foundation stones for building trust and confidence – but there’s one other thing we’d like to mention.

We’ve been around now for many years. During that time, we’ve built an unrivalled reputation for professionalism, reliability and integrity. That’s not something easily achieved and we’re proud of our client testimonials in all those areas.

Of course, we know you might still have a number of specific questions relating to the mechanics of our forex operations and the security of your money with us.

These are often things best discussed over the phone. So, why not take a few minutes to call us and we’ll happily answer any and all of your questions.

We will do whatever it takes to reassure you that working with the Forex Group is a safe and ultimately rewarding experience. We look forward to your call!




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