The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is an exceptionally important trading partner for Australia.

What that means is that transactions both ways in the PRC’s currency (sometimes referred to as either the Renminbi or Yuan) are becoming increasingly critical to businesses, whether they’re large or small.

Converting dollars to Chinese currency is easy – mathematically speaking. However, getting your funds in and out of the PRC can be rather more challenging.

There are a number of reasons why that’s the case but many have their origin in the specialised nature of financial services in China.


Although economic and market liberalisation have made huge progress in China over recent years, nevertheless, financial services there remain, relatively tightly controlled. They’re also subject to processes and procedures that are complicated and not necessarily intuitively familiar to foreigners. As a result, this is an area it can be risky for amateurs to dabble in.

It’s not unknown for Chinese currency payments to get lost or seriously delayed by procedural issues and that’s something you’ll be keen to avoid in your business dealings with your partners in the PRC.

How do you do so?

The answer’s simple – use established Chinese currency specialists such as The Forex Group.

We’ve been dealing with the PRC for many years and are experts in currency transfers both into and out of the country. Our services can mean the difference between your Yuan transactions being a source of worry and uncertainty for you or a matter of routine.

Currency transfers should be something that you can consider to be a mechanical process, as all of the complexities are being handled for you by your specialist FX provider.

We can make sure you’ll achieve exactly that with Chinese transactions – just as you would with any other currency.





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