Forex Group Australia Pty Ltd is Australia's leading foreign currency exchange specialist. That means we have the expertise to provide you with the best exchange rates for all your foreign currency payments, to anywhere around the world.

Prior to Forex Group entering the foreign exchange market, most businesses and individuals were at the mercy of banks when it came to purchasing foreign currency. Our inception has contributed to a changing market place which has become more competitive and Forex Group remains key to ensuring that you benefit from better exchange rates.

Our typical clients are exchanging currencies from as little as $10,000 Australian Dollars to as much as USD$10,000,000. You may be a business that imports or exports, or a family that has sold up home and moved internationally. Whether it is a one off exchange or a regular occurance, if you need to exchange amounts within this range, then we will surely save you time and money.

Forex Group provides clients with a simple, efficient and personal way of purchasing foreign currency. What’s more, our tremondous buying power ensures we are able to remain committed to providing both businesses and individuals with superior exchange rates and unparalleled levels of service.

Providing personal service to our clients remains our top priority and this is reflected in the free services we offer. Whether we are watching the rates overnight or for a month, or notifying our clients every time the rates start racing, we are always searching for the best rate for you.

Forex Group Australia is proud that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission granted the company an Australian Financial Services Licence on 23 February 2004. Details of our licence can be found by following this link to the ASIC website - AFS Licence Number 247 017.

As mentioned, Forex Group began in 2000 and now has thousands of Australian clients purchasing currency on a regular basis.

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