Does your business exist in order to help make your bank more profitable?

The answer to that is presumably (and hopefully) a resounding ‘no’ - but in that case, you might wish to ask yourself why you are giving your foreign currency exchange business to a bank?

The fact is that typically Forex Group will deliver more attractive conversion rates than your bank will – and that could save you very significant amounts of money.
So, why are the banks still getting a slice of the foreign exchange business across Australia?

The answer is simple in most cases – inertia.


More than 68% of our new clients are referrals

Some companies are still using their bank for their FX transactions because “that’s how we’ve always done it”. These companies are usually HUGELY popular with the banks.

Fine – but how much money are you paying out unnecessarily each year because you don’t want to change anything? Are you happy at losing money so that you can be popular with your bank?

If not, it might pay to think again.

Why can we typically beat the banks?

That’s easy – it’s because FX is our lifeblood and all we do.

For us it is our core mission and not a side-line we squeeze in as part of a vast portfolio of other services. We have developed highly specialised strategies to make sure that you’ll get some of the best rates around irrespective of what the markets are doing and that’s going to save you money.

Can you believe what we’re claiming here about our ability to deliver exchange rates that will cause you to blink when you compare them to your bank’s?
Well, you may be interested to know that more than 68% of our new clients are referrals from other clients. People don’t tend to recommend service providers who have failed to deliver on their promises. So, yes, we’re confident in our capabilities and bullish about them.

You don’t have to make a commitment initially. Why not give us a call for an initial discussion of what we can offer? We’d love the chance to give you an overview of our culture and what we can deliver.



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