Company Directors and Small Business Owners Who Need To Work On The Business… Not In It!
Why? Because your skillset is too precious to be wasted chasing the best exchange rate!

You want a way to get the best exchange rate… you just don’t have the time to run around to find it!

The profitability and success of the business depends on the decisions you make. In fact, the success of your whole life, and the lives of your employees, is riding on the decisions you make. To keep a competitive edge in today’s cut throat business world you need to have access to the right information.

Your business decisions are determined by how much money you can make or save. Sometimes it is hard to see the opportunities right in front of you.

Currency payments are an important part of your business and you make them frequently. How much of a difference would it make to your bottom line if you could be guaranteed a highly competitive rate every time you did a transaction?

You don’t have to do anything differently… Forex Group actively manages your currency payments for you. With proper management of your Forex accounts, your profitability can increase which is what business is all about…. Profits!

Financial Controllers Who Need To Stay In Control
Why? Because the “buck” always stops with you!

We know you are busy taking care of the finances and occasionally you worry about not making the right decision on the company‘s behalf.

You are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase profitability. As expenses rise… your job gets harder and harder!

There is a simple way to save your company money on something they are already doing!

You already make currency payments and from your never ending research, you think you have the best rate. What if you don’t? What if there is a way to dramatically improve your exchange rate? How much would the savings increase your bottom line?

The answers to those questions is simple. The hardest part is knowing who to trust.

Forex Group are specialists who show you how easy it is to save money on your foreign exchange purchases. We watch the market closely and use appropriate strategies to protect your risk, which maximises your profit.

Unfortunately, many people think all Forex providers are the same. Unfortunate for them that is, because we have 7 unique strategies we use with our clients which allows them to focus on their core business. You are in the business of money making… so are we!

Accountants Who Need To Manage Forex Accounts
Why? Because deep down you don’t like Forex and it is too much work

Most accountants don’t like the currency market. It is about as predictable as betting at a casino.

For the most part this is true… when you don’t have the correct skill set. And to develop those skills takes time, lots of time.

You are already great at what you do, you have specialised in your field and know it inside out. The thought of having to learn a new skill set, especially regarding the currency market, is an inconvenience… even if it is a necessary one.

There is an easy and logical solution… use a company who know how to get the best out of the currency market.

Forex Group actively manages each individual payment. We watch for any adverse market moves and protect your clients.

You want your client to have a sound buying strategy for their transactions…… We have plenty of them. Forex Group never treats clients like a number and there are no “one size fits all” strategies either.

Your client only deserves the very best!

Office and Accounts Managers Who Feel A Little Out Of Their Depth
Why? Because you know what you are doing… well sort of!

You like your job but many of the duties you do stress you out! You do a great job… you just wish there was less of it.

Your story is a common one. Companies and businesses are trying to cut costs and keep afloat in trying economic times, so there are less people and the same amount of work.

Forex decisions should not be done lightly or in the spur of the moment. Each transaction needs to be considered carefully and strategically. Buying currency at the wrong time can cost your boss a fortune. And it doesn’t make you look too good either!

Forex Group lives and breathes business and FX every day. We know exactly what we are doing, which is why we have been in business for over 18 years. In the cutthroat world of currency exchange… that is no easy achievement.

What is easy…is having Forex Group take care of the foreign currency transactions you have to do… so you can take care of the hundred other tasks on your “to do” list.



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