Currency exchange is not just important for importers and exporters. It is even more important for every business that needs to deal with foreign currencies on rare occasions.

Many business owners will trust their Banks to do the Currency Exchanges for them. The Banks love them for it because they profit on the transaction by not giving them best rates and charging large fees.

No matter how infrequently you need to do Currency Transactions… they must done properly each time. Your business and your money have to be the top priority of your Forex Provider… If it is not, you need to change providers!

Perhaps you think of commercial foreign currency exchange transactions as lots of people shouting frantically into telephones on behalf of their multi-national corporate clients?

Of course, there is a component of that involved from time to time but the effective use of an experienced forex provider isn’t only important to vast corporations and transaction sums involving millions of dollars.

In fact, modern Australia comprises a huge number of smaller businesses. They may not be major or even regular importers and exporters but even so, they might well trade with companies overseas and when they do, they may need foreign exchange services.

At The Forex Group, we’d welcome your business if you’re a professional or company in that category. Many of our clients are major organisations but many are smaller businesses who are looking for expert service and great conversion rates. We’re happy to deliver on those requirements.

There is though sometimes a tendency for smaller business to simply give their FX business to their bank. That’s a great pity and a lost opportunity – as well as potentially a waste of money.

The fact of the matter is that typically the banks struggle to compete with the exchange rates we can offer to the small businessperson.It doesn’t matter how infrequently you need to change money, you’ll find that we’ll be able to offer you some very attractive deals.
The reasons why that is the case are many and varied.

For a start, we’re specialists in foreign currency exchange. We don’t do lots of ‘other things’ the way banks do. That means you’re dealing with dedicated market experts who are, quite simply, better at their job than others.

Then you have the fact that we operate with lower overheads meaning we can survive on less of a profit margin than the banks. Essentially, we’re proud to be lean and efficient in our operations.

We are though like the banks in one important way – our business is fully regulated and monitored by the national authorities. So, you know your money is as safe with us as it would be with a bank.

So, even if you’re a small business, why not use us for your foreign currency needs and allow us to provide you with big company benefits?



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