Helping importers and exporters is Forex Group Australia's greatest strength. We understand the impact foreign exchange has on your business, it can be the difference between turning a profit or making a loss. Foreign exchange is big business and as you know - it is dominated by large Corporates. Small to medium sized businesses never receive the same level of service or exchange rates as the big players.

To thrive in today's new economy you need much more than just a good exchange rate. You must have a provider to support your business with just the right type of service and strategies to outperform your competition.
That's why we have spent the last 13 years developing and perfecting the right formula for Australian importers and exporters. Why don't you try us out and see for yourself.

Managing Letters of Credit

Business owners have been under the misconception for many years that they can only manage their Letters of Credit through the Banks. The Banks have been profiting off this for many years because business owners didn’t know any better.

Until now! Forex Group has devised 2 simple ways to:

a) Allow the Bank to process the Letter of Credit, and

b) Use Forex Group to conduct the currency exchange… saving you money and putting it back in your business!

Both methods are simple, stress free and put you back in control of your finances… not your bank!

To find out how to start saving money on your Letters of Credit contact us here.

Foreign Currency Receipts

As an exporter, you will probably have Foreign Currency Accounts with your Bank. If you do, you would know how quickly the fees mount up and the administration involved.

Forex Group has strategies to help you manage your Foreign Currency Payments, so you make the most out of your money and pay less fees.



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